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Light Doll Actions Oracle Deck

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Light Doll Actions Oracle Deck



Do you feel that your life has reached a standstill? Perhaps the change you are looking for all begins with a single, small step. This deck of 52 action prompt cards based on the Minor Arcana is a tool for slowly and purposefully transforming your life through gentle, guiding, and grounding steps. Take charge by taking action and being kind to your life.



🌟 Lois Veloso, also known as the Millennial Manghuhula, is a tarot consultant and artist. She is the creator of the Light Doll Affirmations deck. (

🌟 Reina Regina is a professional tarot reader and Instagram creator. She stocks Filipino-made decks at Four Wands Tarot Shop. She is also the author of an indie poetry book called Please Pick Me. (


Box: 4.75 x 2.75 x 1 inches


- One (1) Light Doll Actions Oracle Deck (52 cards)



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