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Midnight Madness Tarot (Int'l Edition)

$65.00 USD
Midnight Madness Tarot (Int'l Edition)


Enter a world of duality with the Midnight Madness Tarot, where both soul (midnight) and shadow (madness) exist.

Based on the Rider Waite Smith system, these 78 cards are printed on high quality card stock (350 gsm) with a smooth matte finish, matte gold gilded edges and housed in a beautifully designed box with base and lid. Created and illustrated by @thewhimsicalarcane.



🌟 Eisel Winters, intuitive cartomancer, Reiki Master and Teacher, astrologer and creator of the Midnight Madness Tarot


Box: 3 x 5 x 1.5 inches


- One (1) Midnight Madness Tarot Deck (78 cards)



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